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Lexmark, Brand Identity :

The original IBM Printer Division, became independent and re-named Lexmark International. Competitive pressure above from the #1 player, Hewlett Packard, and below from smaller brands with specialty niches (e.g., Canon, Epson) slowed Lexmark’s growth. Our mission was to make the Lexmark brand stand for something meaningful, particularly to business users. We created a global branding campaign that connected Lexmark technology expertise with customer passion for their digital printing output. The advertising campaign and brand Identity was launched in 30 countries around the world. Brand theme: Passion for printing ideas. The communications campaign triggered an increase in sales for the company globally  in less than 6 months. It also helped the company internally with a new creative identity and spirit.

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Panasonic, Global brand rollout:

With a history of disparate communications across Panasonic’s 3 business units Consumer, Systems and Industrial sectors, the company wanted to position itself as a worldwide technology leader. Panasonic unveiled a new theme line “ideas for life” in 2002 to convey a new corporate image to unify and evolve the corporate brand Identity. All marketing and organizational programs were informed by “ideas for life” internally and externally. The agencies involved were Landor, Grey and Brandespace  Inc. Our work helped penetrate the brand into important business verticals such as: education, health care, government, police - fire departments and entertainment from 2001 to 2012.

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Adviser  Investments, Logo design, brand identity:

The firm has over $3 billion under management and prides itself as an investment firm that invests it’s money the way they invest their customers money.


The Executive team:

David Thorne, Co-Founder and publisher of the Independent Adviser

Jim Lowell, Chief Investment officer directing strategy in the Fidelity Sector

Daniel Wiener, Chairman Co-founder Vanguard funds manager.

Dan Silver, President CEO


We were hired by this executive leadership to create a logo and brand system. We created a brand theme: “Mutual Growth” and designed a tree icon as their logo. The logo and brand system is still in use today 10 years later.

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