Brand Curating

Brand Curating is an imaginative discipline that works much like curating does in the world of art. It brings a discerning eye to the care and interpretation of the brand. It differs from more traditional brand development disciplines of orthodox strategists and planners by introducing less dispassionate, more creative and instinctive engagement without losing a commitment to measurement and rigor.

Is It Data? Is It Confusion? Or Both?

We are undaunted by the noise of the future,  an ever changing global marketplace, new trends, new technologies.
Change is a constant but there are fundamentals in life and business that never change. The key is to understand what human nature will always demand in spite of the ‘new’.  How we communicate and powerfully deliver on those demands is what sets brandespace apart.

What Questions Do You Ask To Discover Brand Drivers:

What is the thing that makes a brand different?

What is the one thing that makes it what it is?

What passion does it exhibit to make people want to make it, sell it and buy it?

When and where does that difference most vividly occur?

Is the driver of difference clearly stated?

Is the brand behaving in a way that will be remembered and rewarded?

“Who’s Afraid Of Red, Yellow And Blue?”
- Barnet Newman

Brand Identity Is The
Company. It's Voice, Its Design, It's Posture. 

A brand system is a liberating window that, if created with that in mind, knows no media boundaries or limitations in scale or vision. A logo, a product, a sales pitch is, in the end, a celebration. Like a timeless concept for a musical score, a work of art or a culture, it will endure. At our core, our talents in art and the written word are in the service of brand design.


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