Dwight Fifer Corporation Is A Leading Creative Media Property Venture

Dwight Fifer Corporation was created to build out creative media, entertainment, and reality programs for the community. The Fifer family was my late mother's maiden name from  Austria. We  build out  content in our other companies Studio Corto and Brandespace. We are not a live or promotional entity but rather a communications company that drives branded content through all media.


Below is a full page advertorial about the Dwight New Haven Yale University story over the last 25 years that will be inserted in The New Haven Register and The New York Times 2018.

This is an advertorial for Greater Dwight Development Corporation for the twenty five years that Yale University and the Dwight Community rebuilt the Dwight community.

This is an advertorial for Greater Dwight Development Corporation for the twenty five years that Yale University and the Dwight Community rebuilt the Dwight community.

Brandespace Inc. Curates Brands Like Artistic Treasures


Formed in 2008 Brandespace Inc. was created as a brand communications company. We are a collection of senior executives that have managed large global companies as creative directors and as clients. We service small to mid-sized companies who want hands on experienced creative consulting .



We are expert in providing brands, large and small, with what we call 'Creative Intelligence' a rare and potent mix of strategic rigor and creative firepower for growth. 


We help companies manage and strengthen their brand portfolios, devise ingenious marketing strategies and execute across all key touch points, delivering complete integration and real brand impact. We are committed to the highest standards of creative execution and client service. 


Recent And Present Clients

2010 - 2013 Joffrey Ballet  A short film about the Jazz & Contemporary Summer Intensive Program at Joffrey Ballet School in New York featuring renowned dance teachers and choreographers such as Michael Blake, Ginger Thatcher, Germaul Barnes, Angelica Stiskin and others.
Director of Photography: Oleg Lugovskoy Jr.



2013 - 2014 Altaneva Prosecco: We provided brand development, advertising and digital work for the new company. Altaneve is a wine from the Alto Adige region in Italy. It is a premium wine sold in the United States by owner David Noto. We develped unique photographic shot by Robert Lorenz that brings a lush look and feel to the Altaneve experience. We also created catchy headlines like 'Alta-Chic'  'Alta-Moves' for night life print,  'Alta-Apps'  for food experience print , 'Alta-Love' for Valentin's Day



2015 - Present. Chapel West Special Services Disrict: We have developed brand communications, digital, and out side banners that promote this growing community west of Yale University in New Haven. We are are also serving The Chapel, Dwight, Whalley Development effort.



Industry Experience:



Fruit of the loom


Real Estate
Silverstein Properties / The World Trade Center


Soft Drinks/Juice


Financial Services
Adviser Investments
Turtle Creek Investments

Greater Dwight Development Corporation

The Carlyle Group


Package Goods

Marcal Paper Towels
French’s Mustard

Almarai Dairy




The Wall Street Journal


Maybeline New York



Chapel West Special Services District

Whalley Avenue Special Services District


Non Profit

Community Action Agency of New Haven

St Monica's Catholic Church


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